Volunteer for KCSA

Would you like to volunteer for one of our Kansas City Symphony Alliance activities to help support the Kansas City Symphony?  We are delighted to hear of it!  Please take your choice below:

Kansas City Symphony Designers’ Showhouse.  Our Symphony Designers’ Showhouse is in need of volunteers beginning in the fall and continuing through the closing of the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse in May.  These volunteer opportunities cover many different tasks.  You can:

  • help us select a house,
  • work on house preparation
  • help us recruit our designers for the house,
  • speak with groups around town about the upcoming Symphony Designers’ Showhouse,
  • help out with pre-Showhouse parties and events,
  • “house sit” at the house while our designers are at work,
  • recruit volunteers who will be needed during the weeks the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse is open,
  • assist with publicity and public relations,
  • help us with signage and advertising,
  • help us move items in and out of the house that are needed during the weeks the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse is open,
  • help with “house operations,”
  • assist with “before” and “after” tours by interior design students from local schools,
  • help with the grand opening of the house,
  • sell tickets to members of the public for touring the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse,
  • recruit groups as part of our group ticket sales efforts,
  • work as a volunteer during days the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse is open, assisting members of the public who tour the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse,
  • assist with parties held during the evenings at the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse,
    help with the closing of the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse,
  • assist with the wrap-up work after the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse is closed to the public, as we prepare to turn the house back over to the owners, and
  • ….lots of other tasks that we haven’t even mentioned!

Kansas City Symphony Shop.  Our Symphony Shop does not have quite the wide variety of volunteer jobs needing to be done, but there are still ways you can help us, and we do need important volunteers for these tasks:

  • help set up the Shop during the daytime on Fridays before classical symphony concert weekends and other times when we set up the Shop,
  • help sell merchandise and interact with customers during the concert evenings when our shop is open; these shifts normally start two hours before the performance begins and continue through the intermission (we are rarely open after the concerts), and
  • assist in putting away the Shop after the conclusion of classical symphony concert weekends and other times when we “tear down” the Shop, and
  • help us identify vendors and suppliers who might be able to supply very high quality, desirable merchandise for the Shop.

There many other tasks as well.

How to Volunteer.  We have a special volunteer web site service we use for scheduling volunteers, which is called Volunteer Matters.  A link to Volunteer Matters is found on the home page of this web site.  If you join KCSA you will receive a user name and password so you can go to Volunteer Matters to see lists of available volunteer opportunities.  You can sign up right there, and also sign up friends and family members to volunteer as well.  You can also make any later changes if you need to.

If you would rather not use Volunteer Matters, then for the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse, contact us at Volunteer@Showhouse.org.


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