A Message From the KCSA President

Dear KCSA members,

Your KCSA board members have been working hard to prepare for the 2021-22 Kansas City Symphony year.

As you know, the Symphony has announced a full schedule of in-person performances at the Kauffman Center. You know what that means: our Symphony Shop will be open! And that means that we need volunteers to staff many shifts at the Symphony Shop both at the classical series concerts and at a number of pops concerts and special concerts such as movie nights.

Please take a look at the schedule on Volunteer Matters and sign up for as many shifts as you can.  This is a “fun” way to fulfill your volunteer hours commitment for KCSA, and it will get you out of the house and in the company of friends. No heavy lifting required!

If you can’t remember how to access Volunteer Matters or if you have any problems, just reach out to our techno wizard, Nancy Johnson, at nancyjohnson@pobox.com, and she will be happy to help you.

Also coming up soon is our Rooftop Soiree Under the Stars party on Friday, October 1. This is another occasion to “get out amongst ‘em” and enjoy an outdoors event in the company of friends. This is a fund raising party for KCSA and we hope to launch our 2021-22 season on a high note. Ann Stephens is the chair of this event, and the details are to the right.

Barbara Berry, our Showhouse chair this year, is busy working with her committee in finding a Designers Showhouse for next spring. The real estate market is popping right now so this is going to be hard. She and her committee would love to have any leads on an attractive house. Contact her bbatalanta@aol.com.

We look forward to seeing you at the Symphony concerts and on October 1, and being at least relatively “back to normal” as soon as we can.