A Message From the KCSA President

It is a great honor to serve on your leadership team for the coming season. We are already hard at work making plans to support the Kansas City Symphony through our well-established fundraising programs. Yet each and every year the very success of these efforts depends entirely on our volunteers and members and their willingness to contribute in some capacity to the achievement of this success.
Did you know that almost all of our volunteers join KCSA because someone asked them to join? Perhaps it was a friend, a neighbor, a church member, a relative or a volunteer in another organization who simply took a minute to tell about the incredible organization of dedicated supporters as we are known throughout the community.
This past year, Kerry O’Connor not only joined our organization but also became part of our leadership team. Here is what she has to say:
“I have had an interest in the symphony since I moved to Kansas City. I was gifted tickets to a performance and I promised myself I would get involved as a volunteer. I started as a Symphony Suite volunteer and met KCSA member Cathey Bossert, whose powers of persuasion are hard to resist! She quickly recruited me into KCSA where I hoped to meet others passionate about supporting the arts and in the process make new friends and have some fun. KCSA helps insure that our world-class symphony thrives today and into the future. I love doing my small part to contribute.”
Let us begin this exciting season in KCSA by taking a new look at your circle of influence. Ask those around you if we might provide information on a personal level. You can send contact information to our Membership Chair, Ruth Gerard.  We will respond within days if not hours.
Our next newsletter will include the many avenues open to becoming active or active again in our organization.  Also, to be discussed are the important elements in continuing as an active member.  We don’t just want to look pretty on your resume!
I know it sounds like a long way off, but our fall membership meeting is coming up in September.  Why not ask your prospective member to come with you?
Yours in building the future KCSA,

Gloria Christison, President KCSA