Symphony Designers’ Showhouse

The Kansas City Symphony Alliance is hard at work on the 49th Symphony Designers’ Showhouse for the Spring of 2018. The Showhouse location will be announced soon.

Judy Barackman and Vandra Solomon are the Vice Presidents of KCSA in charge of the Showhouse this year. Assisting them are Sylvia Brush as the Design Chair, Kate Hodel and Kelli Sullivan as Marketing and Publicity chairs, and Betty Culley, who is in charge of the Showhouse Boutique. Leslie Dunn is the Recording Secretary for the Showhouse committee, with Peggy Jacobson serving as the Showhouse Treasurer. Patty Bibler and Karen Hodson are Advisors to the committee.

The Hard Hat party this year is chaired by Linda Hartman.  B.J. Batson  is chairing the Candlelight Preview party, with Gloria Connealy and Joy McNeese in charge of the Public Preview. Bob Ventrillo and Dick Klein are in charge of House Operations. Beverly Shaw is the Showhouse Historian.

Bob Wise and Annette Szulc are chairing the School Tours, with Kelli Sullivan being in charge of Showhouse Creative Arts. Jan Miller and Elizabeth Gurklies chair the Music Committee for the Showhouse.  Becky Leuth is heading the Housesitting Committee; the Showhouse Vice Presidents are looking for a Staffing chair.

There will be another Massive Wine and Craft Beer auction this year, run by KCSA vice president-president elect Annette SzulcLinda Horn is in charge of the program book, and Marilyn Raines is handling tickets. The cafe is back this year, led by Barbara Holzmark.

The special events chair is Jim Holzmark.

For further details about the 49th Symphony Designers’ Showhouse, please visit our Symphony Designers’ Showhouse web site at