KCSA Announces $153,000 Gift to Kansas City Symphony

Outgoing Kansas City Symphony Alliance (KCSA) president Patty Bibler announced that KCSA has given the Kansas City Symphony a gift of $153,000 for the 2016-17 year. The announcement, made at the KCSA Spring luncheon and annual meeting on June 3, means that KCSA’s gift to the Symphony exceeded last year’s amount by over $20,000.

The amount of this excess gift counts towards the Symphony’s currently ongoing year-end matching gift campaign, so the result actually represents an increased gift to the Symphony of over $40,000.

The Symphony Designers Showhouse accounted for about $116,000 of KCSA’s income this year. The Kansas City Symphony Shop accounted for about $45,000 of the amount (the Symphony Shop is still open for the rest of the Kansas City Symphony performances, so the total is still rising). ¬†Other miscellaneous receipts increased the total amount.

Of the Showhouse proceeds, $13,620 of the total came from sales at the Boutique and another $9,650 came from the wine and craft beer raffle held at the Showhouse. The rest represented ticket sales, from ticket outlets and KCSA members and online.

KCSA thanks all of its members who helped make this impressive result possible!