A Message From the KCSA President

The 49th Showhouse closed in May and the Board of Directors met for a Retreat with Kirk Hardcastle, LeaderScope, in July to prepare for our 50th Consecutive Symphony Designers’ Showhouse, Symphony Shop, and other projects.   We feel strongly we want to build on the good work of the past years.  We were able to work quickly to set goals.  Even in a few months, we have been able to reach some of these goals completely and our organization will be working on the others for the year.

In addition to our wonderful Shop at the Kauffman and our 50th Consecutive Symphony Showhouse, we have added the Tour to Paris, France, March 31 – April 10, 2019.

Have you stopped by to purchase in our Shop at the Kauffman and peruse the merchandise Cathy Radek and Melissa Greene obtained in August?  They do such a great job in selecting, often one of a kind items, for us and our faithful clients.  You have so much fun volunteering in the shop.  Not only do you get to know your fellow KCSA members, but you meet very interested people who attend the Symphony.

We have announced the location of the 50th consecutive Showhouse for 2019, which will be at 606 West 52nd Street, Kansas City, Missouri, just north of Loose Park.  Attending the Preview and Hard Hat is a great way to see the house before the designers’ take over to do their magic.  There are many volunteering opportunities in preparation for the opening of the Showhouse.

Most of us deal with stress and anxiety.  On television, in books, in magazines, from friends, and family, we are told how to handle the problem.  I say this with tongue in cheek.   Come join KCSA, meet new people, make new friends, get involved in a worthwhile organization where members are excited to volunteer their time encouraging the community to enjoy our marvelous Kansas City Symphony.  Just an idea!

Annette Szulc, President KCSA