A Message From the KCSA President

The mission statement of KCSA states: “The  Kansas City  Symphony Alliance is a nonprofit volunteer organization which promotes an interest in symphonic music throughout the greater Kansas City area, and in particular the welfare of the Kansas City Symphony, the Kansas City Symphony’s programming, young peoples’ concerts and youth activities, through volunteerism, educational projects, social activities and fund-raising projects.”
Each year we look forward to the season of arts in Kansas City. We are so fortunate to have so many activities to participate in during the year. KCSA is busy planning the 50th Kansas City Symphony Designers’ Showhouse, the Symphony Shop, a Showhouses Re-visit, and a trip to Paris, France.
For the 2017-2018 we were able to donate $150,000 to the Kansas City Symphony under the leadership of Mike Minor, President, and Judy Barackman, and Vandra Solomon, Vice Presidents of the Showhouse, and Cathy Radek, Vice President of the Symphony Shop.
Our top members forvolunteering a total of over 4,000 hours by working at the Symphony Shop in Brandmeyer Hall at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center and at the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse are: Peggy Jacobson, Judy Barackman, Vandra Solomon, Sylvia Brush, Cathy Radek, Bob Ventrillo, Betty Culley, Mike Minor, Nancy Johnson, B. J. Batson, Kate Hodel and Bob Wise. 
The value of a volunteer hour is worth $22.89 for purposes of computing volunteer donations as required by the various charitable Foundations who award grants benefiting the Kansas City Symphony.  The Kansas City Symphony Alliance volunteers added 14,671 hoursthis year, which are invaluable to the Symphony.
Our season has already begun with Kate Hodel, Patty Lindstrom and their committee searching to select a house that will become The Kansas City Symphony Alliance 50th Showhouse.  We are so excited about our project and would like to invite  you to join us by renewing your membership or joining our organization.
We do have membership responsibilities and privileges. You will be eager to be part of this outstanding organization.
I am honored to be asked to be President of KCSA  for 2018-2019.
I believe this will be an exciting and special year for us and for the Kansas City Symphony.
Annette Szulc, President