Photos from our Winter Membership Meeting on February 27

Members of the Kansas City Symphony Alliance enjoyed our Winter Membership Meeting on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at the Prairie Village Baptist Church. Here are a few pictures from our meeting.

Shown below at left (top) are Kellie Sullivan, B.J. Batson, Linda Skaith and Beth Farleigh serving chili to the masses. To their right are KCSA president Mike Minor, immediate past president Patty Bibler and Tim Dodge of the Kansas City Symphony staff, who spoke to the members about happenings at the Symphony.  Below those photos are (left) KCSA members Suzanne Castleberry, Annette Szulc and Ann Hager sharing a laugh, and then Karen Hodson, Suzanne Cohen, Cathy Radek and Melissa Green of the Symphony Shop.

Appearing in the final photo are Kansas City Symphony French horn players David Gamble and Elizabeth Gray, who wowed our group with a series of French horn duets.

Our next membership meeting will be in June, but before that comes…the Showhouse! Check out our Showhouse page and our companion website,, for details.