50th Annual Symphony Designers’ Showhouse

The Kansas City Symphony Alliance (KCSA) is pleased to announce the 50th Symphony Designers’ Showhouse, which will be open from April 20 to May 12, 2019. The 50th Symphony Designers’ Showhouse is at 606 West 52nd Street, Kansas City, Missouri.

Kate Hodel and Patti Lindstrom are the Showhouse Vice Presidents for KCSA, and are in charge of the Showhouse this year. Linda Horn is the designer chair, Kellie Sullivan is handling marketing and publicity, Cathy Radek is in charge of the boutique, Helen Miller is the recording secretary of the Showhouse committee, and Peggy Jacobson is the Showhouse treasurer.

Millie Cain and Sandy Carolan were in charge of the Candlelight Preview party. Linda Hartman is running the Hard Hat party committee. Gloria Connelly and Joy McNeese are the chairs of the public preview held January 18 and 20, 2019. Bob Ventrilo and Dick Klein are in charge of house operations, with Beverly Shaw serving and the house historian. Ann Ventrilo is in charge of private parties at the Showhouse, and Kami Toben is in charge of donations.

The school tours are being organized by Bob Wise and B.J. Batson. Jan Miller and Elizabeth Gurgles are in charge of the music committee. Becky Leuth is organizing house sitting, and Barbara Holzmark is in charge of First Fiddle and Day Chair staffing.

The annual Showhouse “massive wine auction” is being led this year by Gloria Christison, the vice president and president elect of KCSA. Patti Bibler is in charge of the program book, while Marilyn Raines is handling Showhouse tickets.

We hope you can join us in visiting the 50th anniversary Symphony Designers’ Showhouse.