A Message From the 2016-17 KCSA President

Why join the Kansas City Symphony Alliance?  Do we want the honor and privilege of serving the organization as a volunteer and do we want to provide financial support to the Kansas City Symphony which offers excellent concerts and educational programs for our community? Surely it is not just for the benefits listed in the Bylaws.  Is it because we want longtime membership to be listed on our resume? Is it for the social activities? We hope you belong because of the first reason – to support the symphony.

Patty Tibler

KCSA President Patty Bibler

Our mission statement states why the organization exists:  “The Kansas City Symphony Alliance is a nonprofit volunteer organization which promotes an interest in symphonic music throughout the greater Kansas City area, and in particular the welfare of the Kansas City Symphony, the Kansas City Symphony’s programming, young peoples’ concerts and youth activities, through volunteerism, educational projects, social activities and fund-raising projects.”

Therefore, when becoming a member we are agreeing to the following commitments; paying membership dues, serving a minimum of 20 volunteer hours, selling and/or purchasing a minimum of FIVE Designers’ Showhouse tickets (currently totaling $75).  These expectations are needed to present the level of fund-raising support anticipated.  This is a contract with KCSA to support financially as well as serving.  Substituting more of one without doing the other is not enough, unless one donates an additional $30 to opt out of volunteering.  However, FIVE tickets to the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse are always needed and expected to be sold or purchased.

Volunteer hours can easily be achieved by working at the Symphony Shop in Brandmeyer Hall at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center, at Celebration at the Station, and at the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse.  There are levels of membership offered for individuals and couples.  Also, other members are willing to help with the selling of members’ Symphony Designers’ Showhouse tickets if asked.

By fulfilling membership expectations, we reap the additional benefits of developing friendships, attending social activities, and enjoying musical concerts and programs.  This commitment certifies we are a part of contributing to a highly notable and recognized venue of the cultural arts in Kansas City.  Therefore, all of KCSA’s activities are undertaken with the purpose of furthering our mission and the welfare of the Kansas City Symphony.

It is my desire, as the 2016-2017 President, to encourage new and current KCSA members to review their membership responsibilities and privileges.  Consider refreshing your membership focus and cultivate a renewed eagerness to be a more involved and supportive part of our auxiliary.  Please rise to the occasion.

Thank you for honoring me to lead KCSA and our Board of Directors as we move forward and revitalize our purpose and goals.  Please join and participate with us in our rewarding projects and events.  KCSA needs your vital support and active membership.

Here is to another memorable year in KCSA!


Patricia (Patty) Bibler

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2016 Symphony Designers’ Showhouse Was a Great Success!

Over 6,500 visitors came to the 2016 Kansas City Symphony Designers’ Showhouse in April and May. Visitors to the Showhouse paid over $40,000 for admission tickets and spent nearly $30,000 (net profit) in the Showhouse Boutique.  The Massive Wine Raffle in the Showhouse attracted over $5,000 in ticket purchases.  Overall, the Showhouse income for the year was close to $73,000.

Web Photo 6

Honorary co-chairs Vincent and Julie Clark and Dr. Valerie Chow and Jon Gray snipped the ribbon to open the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse on April 22, along with Symphony board chair Bill Lyon.

The Kansas City Symphony Alliance thanks our sensational interior designers, and all of the many members, friends, Boutique vendors, and volunteer groups who helped make this year’s Showhouse such a success.

The Showhouse represents a great opportunity for us to reach out to members of the community and to support the education programs of the Kansas City Symphony which benefit young people throughout our community.

The Symphony Designers’ Showhouse was located at 444 Westover Road, Kansas City, Missouri. Our kind owners are once again in possession of the Showhouse, and hope to sell the house soon, perhaps to one of the many people who visited the house during our event.


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KCSA Elects New Officers at Annual Meeting

The Kansas City Symphony Alliance elected new officers for the organization at its annual meeting held on June 4.

Serving as President for the 2016-17 year is Patty Bibler. The Vice President-President Elect is Mike Minor. Peggy Jacobson will continue as the Treasurer, and Rebecca David takes over as Secretary.

Patty Bibler will also serve as the Vice President of the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse next year. Cathy Radek will be the Vice President of the Symphony Shop.

Kathy Ballard takes over as the Vice President of Membership Recruitment and Orientation. Kami Toben will serve as the Vice President of Membership Renewal and Retention.  Kate Hotel is the new Vice President of Public Relations.

Bill Leonard is the new Corresponding Secretary of the Board, and Marti Miller will serve as the Advisor for the coming year.  Sylvia Brush will be the Immediate Past President and chair of the Nominating Committee.

Several long-serving Board members ended their Board terms at the Annual Meeting, including three former Presidents, Judy BarackmanTracey Hawkins and Don Dagenais. Also retiring from the Board were Vandra Solomon, Leisa Dunn and Laura Heinlein.

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KC Symphony Alliance Presents Gift to Symphony at Annual Luncheon

The Kansas City Symphony Alliance presented a check to Frank Byrne, the Executive Director of the Kansas City Symphony, for $130,000 at the Kansas City Symphony Alliance Annual Luncheon on Saturday, June 4. The check represented proceeds from the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse project as well as the Kansas City Symphony Shop, which is the other principal fund raising project of KCSA, and in addition last fall’s Rising Symphony Stars concert.

Spring Luncheon 2016a

KCSA President Sylvia Brush presented a check to Frank Byrne, the Executive Director of the Kansas City Symphony, representing proceeds from KCSA’s fund raising projects this year.

President Sylvia Brush presented the check. KCSA Treasurer Peggy Jacobson gave a presentation explaining the activities and successes of KCSA projects this year. Patty Bibler and Karen Hodson served as the co-chairs of the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse project and Cathy Radek, with the able assistance of Melissa Green, chaired the Symphony Shop project.

KCSA congratulates all of its hard working members for their volunteer and financial support of our projects this year, without which this great result would not have been possible.  KCSA’s contribution is a major part of the fund raising effort each year for the Kansas City Symphony, enabling the Symphony to continue to present outstanding concerts in our community and to bring classical music to thousands of school children each year.

Also, at the Annual Meeting, KCSA acknowledged members who have marked milestone anniversaries in service to the organization.  Marylou Turner and Gloria Nigro have been KCSA members for 50 years, and Helen Miller and Elizabeth Gurklies were recognized for 25 years of service.



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